Tile Redi - Redi Flash Kit

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The Redi Flash Kit was designed to address the waterproofing of the seam that is created between the Tile Redi Shower pan and the installation of cement board on your walls. If you didn't use the Redi Flash kit then water dripping off of your walls would have a chance to soak into the seam and behind your cement board and under your shower pan causing rot and decay.

Notes when purchasing:

The Redi® Flash Kit is available in many different sizes. If you can't find your exact size from our drop down menu above, Redi® Flash can be trimmed to fit as necessary. For example, if you purchase a 33" D x 60" W single curb right drain Tile Redi® shower pan, you may notice that there is not an exact Redi® Flash Kit for your shower pan. The closest Redi® Flash Kit is 34" D x 60" W, which is the kit you will need to purchase. You will need to trim an inch off of the 34" sides for a perfect fit.

Please choose the size of your Tile Redi Flash Kit from the options above.

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