Replacement Grout Sponges - 3 Pack - Raimondi

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Raimondi's Replacement Grout & Epoxy Sponges are available in two sizes; 11" L x 5" W x 1" T and 14" L x 7" W x 1" T.

5" sponges go with the Skipper and Jobsite Grout Cleaning Kits while the 7" sponges go with the Wash Master Grout Cleaning Kit. Both sponge sizes use the same 9" x 4" quick change handle (sold separately).

Yellow Sponges - for use on all surfaces, sanded or unsanded grout.
Yellow Cut Sponges - for use on sanded grout - cuts grab more sand.
Brown Sponges - for use on abrasive tile - strong sponge. 
Epoxy Sponges - for use on all surfaces, sanded and unsanded epoxy grout.

Please select your Raimondi Replacement Sponges with the options above.

Priced per 3 pack of replacement sponges.

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