Push-Button Carpet Knife

This is it—the quickest opening/closing slotted carpet knife made! No more time wasting screws to turn—or hard to open ring type fasteners—needs no tools to open. The carpet knife has no loose screws, caps or buttons that can be lost. To use, simply push the button at the rear of the carpet knife, swing the carpet knife open, change the blade (or blade edge) and squeeze the carpet knife shut. When you hear the carpet knife ‘click’, you know it is closed and locked. It won’t open unless you push the button.

Carpet Knife Features:

• Full size textured handle for a comfortable ‘feel’ and nonslip grip
• Slim nose profile provides good vision of the cutting edge
• Thumb stop provides for safety and permits increased cutting pressure and control
• Interlocking nose firmly grips standard, or heavy duty, blades
• Storage capacity for five blades in handle
• Attractive and eye catching, the orange finish means you won’t lose this carpet knife.

Price listed is for (1) Push-Button Carpet Knife by Gundlach.

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