Pressure Compensated Needle Spray 1.0GPM Low Flow Aerator - 6 Pack


Niagara Dual Threaded Pressure Compensated Needle Spray Low Flow Aerator

Niagara Pressure Compesated Needle Spray Aerators will help save water in your home or business and are designed to work on both male and female applications. You will get nice, forceful streams of water whether or not the water pressure is at optimal levels, but at a reduced flow-rate that saves water and energy needed to heat the water. This Aerator comes in two different flow rates; 0.5 and 1.0 Gallon Per Minute. Choose which one you would like in the drop down menu above.

Low-Flow Aerator Features:

  • Brass chrome plated
  • Dual threaded body
  • fits most male & female threaded faucets
  • Male: 15/16-27
  • Female: 55/64-27

    Price listed is per 6 pack of aerators.

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