Oatey X-15 - Pan Liner Bonding Adhesive


Oatey X15 Bonding is the only approved adhesive you will need for seaming PVC Shower Pan Liner.  Installation as easy as it can get!  Simply clean off the area that you are trying to seam from dirt, grease, water or any other debris.  Overlap your PVC Pan Liner by 2 inches.  Apply an even coating of the X-15 adhesive with a brush or dauber, and let it dry.  Drying of the adhesive will develop a good handling strength in 2-4 hours, however allow overnight cure before water testing the shower pan liner.  X15 is temperature dependent, the lower the ambient temperature, the slower the cure.

When used according to directions, X-15 will give a permanent waterproof seam.  Seamed joints in a shower should always be water tested for leaks.

Price listed is for (1) 16 fluid ounce canister Oatey X15 Bonding Adhesive.

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