NC - Millennium 4x4 Portable Carpet Binder


NC Millennium 4x4 Bobbinless Portable Carpet Binder is high quality, multi-functional binding machine that is capable of binding up to 3" tape, fringing, serging, and wide corners. The Millennium is powered by three independently driven clutches and a front feeder allowing you to to bind up to 23 feet of carpet per minute.

Product Features:

  • Take on the jobsite, do work in-house, lightweight & easy to use.
  • 4th Generation Millennium Makes other portables obsolete.
  • Bobbin-less, Chain-lock Stitch, 4x4= 3 pullers+ bottom feeder.
  • Uses 2 large spools of thread (throw away your bobbins).
  • Push Button Oiling, 4 pulling mechanisms. No other portable has this.
  • Accommodates Serging Tape,7/8",11/4", 3" binding, and Wide Borders!.
  • Generates 23' per minute(1380' per hour) on Cove Base.
  • Binds any ROOM-SIZE carpet at a rate of 16’ per minute.
  • Hand wheel makes turning corners effortlessly.
  • Take Up Assembly (Helps Eliminate Missed Stitches).
  • Extra Long Stabilizing Base give you that "Cadillac" feel.
  • Instructional/Maintenance Video.

Price listed is for the Millennium 4x4 Portable Carpet Binder only.

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