Lignomat - E12 Electrode Depth Probe Kit w/ BNC-mini Cable

Moisture Meter *

E12 Electrode has a slide hammer that is moved up and down to drive the Electrode Pins in and out of wood and can also be used soft building materials, such as drywall or plaster. The Teflon insulated electrode pins will only give out a reading in the core, even if the surface of the wood it wet.

E12 Electrode Kit Includes:

  • E12 Electrode Depth Probe
  • Pair of 1" Electrode Pins
  • Pair of 1.5" Electrode Pins
  • BNC-mini Cable - 3 feet in length
Price listed is for (1) E12 Electrode Depth Probe Kit by Lignomat. To be used with Mini-LIGNO C & Mini-LIGNO DX/C only.

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