Jr Power Carpet Stretcher by Gundlach


Gundlach's Jr. Power Stretcher features a 14-1/2" wide metal pin plate that holds 59 rust resistant nickel plated pins for heavy duty work. Pin depth is adjusted by a knob located on top of the head. Weighs about 62 lbs.


  • One head handles all weights of carpet.
  • Lightweight cast aluminum head is angled at the rear of both sides to allow side kicking.
  • 14-1/4" wide tail block has a non-marring rubber pad and glides in any direction on two each 1" ball type casters.
  • Minimum operating length is 34-1/2", and opens to 22' with four tubing sections.
  • More tubing can be added for longer stretches.


  • Adjustable 14" Transfer Tube.
  • Head Assembly.
  • Tail Block Assembly.
  • Sturdy Steel Carrying Case w/ room for 6 tubing sections in the lid.
  • Four, 3' Steel Stretcher Tubes (No. 402-TS) with exclusive one-piece spring clips.

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