EZ Moves - 4' Hard Surface Furniture Slides (2 pk)


EZ Moves 48" x 5" Hard Surface Furniture Movers are designed to safely slide over your floors easily and without damage. Perfect for use on surfaces such as; linoleum, ceramic tile and wood floors. These slides contain 1/2" thick EVA foam that holds the object being moved in place so it does not shift when in motion and a soft felt bottom that is safer for your floors. Simply lift the furniture or object you would like to move and place the slides under each foot or corner. Then just push or pull your object to where you want it to go.

Product Features:

  • Easily maneuver through doorways
  • Handy to use and easily stored
  • Ready to use, there is no assembly required
  • Soft Felt Bottom Base is safer on hard floors
  • Non-slip foam rubber on top side to hold objects
  • 48" long x 5" wide x 1/2" thick (set of 2)

Price listed is for a set of (2) EZ Moves 4' Hard Surface Furniture Slides.

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