Cordless Rug Cutter

The best battery powered portable cutter money can buy. The NC360 portable rug cutter is the finest battery powered portable cutter in the industry. This handheld portable cutter is a great compliment to any installer either on the job site or in-house. Much easier, much cleaner, and much faster than using just any old carpet knife. As soon as you finish one job, plug it into the battery charger and you'll be at full power for your next job.

NC 360 Features
  • Complete with heavy duty NiCad Battery
  • NC-360-01 10 sided round knife 60mm (2 5/16”) diameter
  • NC-360-02 Counter knife (carbide tipped) assembly
  • NC-360-03 NiCad battery pack (9.6 VDC)
  • NC-360-04-1 Battery charger 115V
  • NC-360-04-2 Battery charger 230V
  • NC-360-05 Sharpening stone
NOTE: All parts are readily available - Please contact us if you need any spare blades, battery packs, etc.

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