Blanke Aqua Shield Tile Waterproofing Corners - Inside/Outside

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Blanke Aqua Shield Waterproofing Corners are the same material as the Aqua Shield Waterproofing Membrane, only half the thickness and pre-cut into a 90 degree corner. Aqua Shield Corners are thinner to allow easy fitting and installation of your tiled shower or floor. Both inside and outside corners are available for added ease in the waterproofing process. These preformed corners are designed to easily wrap the corner of a shower tray, shower curb, or wall with the material. Blanke Aqua Shield can be installed with thinset to most dry, flat, and structurally sound surfaces using a 4 millimeter notched trowel. Blanke Aqua Shield's high tensile strength provides a vapor barrier to protect consistently wet areas and resists mold, mildew, and break down from strong chemicals and UV destabilization. After the Aqua Shield is installed the tile is installed directly on top of the membrane using a modified- thinset mortar.

Price listed is for one Aqua Shield Inside or Outside Corner.

Please select which corner, and how many you would like with the drop down menus above. If you would like both inside and outside corners, first add the amount of one corner you need to your cart, then add the amount of the other corner you need to your cart separately.

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