BigHorn ADA Wheelchair Ramps

BigHorn Ramp *

BigHorn Wheelchair Ramps are light-weight plastic threshold ramps that can modify thresholds with up to a 1-1/2" rise. The ramps have StoneCap Coating technology that incorporates ceramic coated quartz crystals and offer a surface that is UV stable and guaranteed not to fade or crack. The molded traction pads are designed for a slip-resistant protection and are visually appealing. BigHorn Wheelchair ramps will not freeze or become slippery when wet, or in cold environments, like metal or aluminum. Ramp weighs 12-1/2 lbs.


  • 6 finises to choose from
  • Size: 1-1/4" H x 12-1/4" D x 42" L
  • Gradual tapered front edge with 22 degree side slopes
  • 4,000 lb weight limit
  • Peel and stick tape for quick and easy installation
  • Can be vertically cut for height adjustment
  • Notched to accommodate door jambs
  • 100 percent recycled
  • Made in the USA!
Please choose the finish you would like with the options above.

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