AltaFLEX Black Tactical Knee Pads - AltaLOK


AltaFLEX Tactical Knee Pads contain a black rubber, mar-resistant knee cap that provides traction and skid-resistance while protecting against rocks and debris. These knee pads have 1/2" thick Neoprene foam padding with superior compression resistance to consistently support your knees without bottoming out and are covered in black Cordura® Nylon. The finished brushed tricot liner wicks away moisture and keeps out dirt and debris. These knee pads have a dual strapping system for a secure fit and the unique Alta Strapkeeper System to secure excess straps from flapping. The easy to use AltaLOK (slide-on buckle) Fastening System is adjustable to fit most sizes.

Price listed is per pair of AltaFlex Black Tactical Knee Pads with AltaLOK Fastening.

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