Airsled - Model 3205 Air Dolly


Moving Appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, vending machines, stoves or dishwashers can be hard to do without damaging floors or the appliance itself. Airsled Air Dollies are designed to lift and float heavy loads on a cushion of air, reducing the risk of damage or injury. Air Beams are constructed of thin aluminum plates and neoprene fabric perforated on the underside. The Blower Motor forces air into the holes underneath the air beams, lifting the load about an inch from the ground. Once the appliance is lifted you will be able to pull and push the load around very easily and safely.

NOTE: The Model 3205 Airsled requires a minimum width clearance of 24" and should only be used to lift heavy objects with a maximum depth of 37" and 1400 pounds or less. Air Beams should extend past object about 2 inches.

Don't need an air dolly that can lift this much? Check out the 2005, 2015 or 3015 Airsleds.

Airsled Model 3205 Features:

  • 1400 lb Lifting Capacity
  • Two 12" x 39" x 3/16" Airsled Aluminum Air Beams
  • 4 Peak Horsepower 12.5 Amp Power Unit (Blower only Motor)
  • Three Hoses
  • "T" Connector
  • Four Rough Surface/Carpet Adapters
  • One Pair Nylon Carrying Bags and Carrying Strap
The Airsled Spacer System can be purchased separately.

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