17" Grind-Away Rotary Grinder - Gundlach


Finish and smooth uneven concrete floors and patch work with the Grind-Away Rotary Grinder by Gundlach. The Grind-Away uses three coarse silicone carbide grit grinding blocks, mounted to an aluminum casting.


  • For use only with 175 RPM rotary machines with a 1 HP or greater rating.
  • One Universal Metal Clutch Plate is included with each Grind-Away.
  • Can be converted into a Scrape-Away by installing a set(s) of Carbide Blades and Steel Brackets.
  • 17" Grind-Away can be used on 19" and 20" Rotary Machines. 

Price listed is for (1) 17" Grind-Away Rotary Grinder by Gundlach.

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