150 lb Linoleum Roller - Gundlach


Gundlach's Linoleum Rollers are constructed of all steel, and it's trouble free construction guarantees a lifetime of maintenance free service. The steel will not chip or crack like cast iron can and there are no bushings to come loose in the solid steel roller sections. This means there are less parts to break or deteriorate over time. This Roller can be used on: linoleum, vinyl sheet goods, rubber tile, vinyl tile, cork tile, wood block tile, roofing systems and waterproofing membranes. For perfect installations, use the size model specified by the manufacturer for the materials you are using. The 150 lb Linoleum Rollers have a 6-1/2" Steel Roller Diameter.

Price listed is for (1) 150 lb Linoleum Roller by Gundlach

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