1-3/8" Wide Long-Life Blade - Accessory for Select Fein Tools - 4 Pack


The 1-3/8" Wide Long-Life Blade turns the Fein MultiTalent, MultiMaster, and SuperCut into a multi-use plunge cutting and jamb undercutting tool.  Using the 1-3/8" bimetal steel blade, the Feinn Oscillation Tool is best for plunge cutting hardwood and undercutting wood door jambs. Blades can also cut nails, staples, and cleats. The durable blade will last up to three times longer than the standard series blades and can also cut laminate, drywall and plastic. Blades have an offset mounting flange for flush cutting and can cut all the way into corners.

This is a listing for 4 of the 1-3/8" Wide Long-Life Blades, which is an accessory used with the Fein MultiTalent, MultiMaster, and SuperCut.

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